Vision Without Glasses Review

Vision Without Glasses Review

In 1920, an American ophthalmologist by the name of William Horatio Bates introduced the Bates Method. With several specific techniques to correct eyesight problems that were considered radical and rather unscientific during his times and even to some today, Dr. Bates founded the alternative treatment to correct and improve vision health.

Dr. Duke Peterson is the author of Vision Without Glasses. Also an ophthalmologist of 25 years, Dr. Peterson is now practicing ophthalmology and optometry through the use of Bates Methods. He wrote his book based on the techniques that were introduced by Dr. Bates many years ago.Dr. Peterson, after discovering this alternative technique, spent his time to redevelop and redefine it to help many people who would like to correct their vision problems without the use of expensive medical surgery so that they can see in sharper and clearer vision.

Does Vision Without Glasses Work

Seeing Without Glasses?

Dr. Bates wrote in his book that he believed that eyesight problems are more often than not caused by habitual reasons through bad habits that people develop over the course of time.

Using simple techniques from Vision Without Glassesthat are practiced for a small period of time each day; Dr. Peterson helps patients with bad eyesight to reverse this effect. When done correctly, Dr. Peterson is convinced that patients are able to restore their eyesight within 1 – 3 months. He believes there is no more need for patients to be wearing their glasses or contact lenses as the Bates Methods are able to teach patients how to get rid of their bad habits, which are the culprits in the first place.

Through this method, Dr. Peterson has had proven results of his patients whose recovery were speeded up faster than conventional medical treatment. Common eyesight problems such as myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), lazy eyes, presbyopia (old-age sight) or glaucoma are just part of what the program is able to help you with. Even though he mentioned in his Introduction that this technique is not to be deemed as a replacement of medical treatment for those who need it, Dr. Peterson believes if a patient practices and learns the correct way to see for few minutes in a day, he or she is able to see improvement as little as under several weeks and sooner or later would not require glasses to see clearly anymore.

Vision Without Glasses Scam

In Dr. Bates’ book, he wrote that wearing glasses and/or contact lens would actually harm the eyes even though their purpose is to correct the patient’s vision. Because the glasses or contact lens are only meant to correct the vision without improving the eye’s health, the patient’s eyes will be locked in that state.

Vision Without Glasses will guide you as to how to see the right way so that your eyes will be healthy and strong. There are specific eye exercises that need to be practiced every single day. Dr. Peterson provides a 15-minute action plan that you can do every day at the comfort of your home. This step-by-step guide will help you to correct strained and/or stressed eyes so that you’re able to get back your natural eyesight ability.

There are many skeptics about the idea of improving vision health through vision training. But as the program will explain, the number of eye exercises done by the patient is not the only contribution to good vision and healthy eyes. Dr. Peterson shared scientifically-backed up researches and information about maintaining healthy eyesight. In Chapter 7 onwards of this book discusses other factors to promote healthy eyesight such as eating the correct diet, having suitable lifestyle as well as the types of drugs that can actually harm the health of your eyes.

In the program, Dr. Peterson discusses every aspect of your eyes’ health. He talks about the common causes of eyesight problems, discusses and explains in detail about the types of eye problems such as myopia, glaucoma and floating specks including their causes and the treatments required. He also shares his foolproof method of getting rid of headaches and pains caused by strained and/or stressed eyes.

Dr. Peterson realizes how more and more people are having strained and/or stressed eyes due to work and lifestyle that involves using computer for a long period of time and sitting at their desks for long hours. In Chapter 6 of this ebook, Dr. Peterson shares with you a detailed guide on the eye exercises developed by Dr. Bates. Techniques like focusing, distance viewing and palming are all crafted to help you improve your eyesight’s health as well as building up strong eyes so you can maintain your vision health.

Improve Eyesight Naturally

See The World Clearly Today

If you think that you’re tired of having to wear glasses or contact lens but feel surgical eye treatment such asLASIK surgery is too expensive for you, Vision Without Glasses will be the right guide for you to try. Or if you can afford a surgery but worry about the side effects of LASIK like the risk of contracting eye infection, Dr. Peterson’s book should be your alternative option towards having healthier eyesight. Not only this book shares the secret behind healthy vision, it also explains to you the importance of taking care of your eyes, no matter what state they are in. It’s not a miracle worker book but rather, it ensures you with medically proven facts and studies that have been previously conducted.

Getting a copy Vision without Glasses today will entitle you to 3 bonus packs. Dr. Peterson will include the original copy of Dr. Bates’ book, The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment without Glasses. Here, you’re able to read the book written by the man whose technique is the basis of Dr. Peterson’s own. The second bonus is a collection of extensive eye charts that you will need to use in some of the exercises as well as for your own practice. These charts include Astigmatic-Mirror charts, the classic eye chart, Letter Rows charts and an interactive eye chart generator that you can open on your Internet browser. And the final bonus is a promise of unlimited email support by Dr. Peterson himself. You’re able to email him anytime to ask about anything about the book or any eye health related issues.

You are able to get your money back within 60 days if you’re not satisfied with this book or not achieving the result you were expecting. With as little as $37, you don’t really have anything to lose. Except maybe your glasses when you’ve completed the course!